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AyuDerme For Skin Problems

1. Skin Disorders(Psoriasis, Acne
2. Blood Impurities
3. Constipation
4. External Skin Infection
5. Endotoxins-due To Daily Routine
6. Increase Of Sebum Production
7. Excess Intake Of Spicy And Sour Foods
1. Itching All Over The Body
2. Reddish Patches On The Skin
3. Rough Surface Of The Skin
4. Discoloration Of The Skin
5. Ringworms
6. Eczema
7. Skin Allergy
1. Blood Purifier
2. Anti-septics
3. Eradicates Worms
4. Improves The Function Of Liver
5. Antihistamine
6. Coolant Herbs
7. Anti-inflammatory
8. Purifies The Blood
9. Cleans And Detoxifies The Body
10. Is Astringent, Antiseptic And Anti-inflammatory
11. Prevents That Irritating Itching
AYUDERME Capsules contain an authentic herbal combination that provides nourishment to the body, promoting healthy skin. The capsules help to restore and balance the digestive system. They are beneficial for a variety of skin problems and also help the liver to eliminate waste and toxins.

AYUDERME is recommended in the following indications :

 Acne vulgaris
 Chronic eczematous dermatitis
 Chronic urticaria
 Psoriasis
 Other allergic skin conditions.

AYUDERME Ayurvedic-herbal capsules are found very effective in acute and chronic cases where the pores of sebaceous glands are blocked by the sebum causing acne lesions. It dilates the pores and liquefies the sebum, helping the drainage of the sebum effectively.
2 Capsules thrice daily till symptoms are relieved. For those having acidity could take AYUCID as an adjuvant therapy.
Dietary Advice
Avoid sour, spicy and sea foods, alcoholic drinks.
Adequate intake of water is recommended.
Recommended Products Combination
Ayuderme + Ayulite + Ayucid
History of Ayurvedic Herbs
Ayurveda is a 5000
Years old scince,
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