K-Derme Oil For your soldier against dandruff

K-Derme Oil

Your soldier against dandruff
For External use only

K-Derme Oil is an Ayurvedic herbal formulation that contains certain natural ingredients found effective in addressing dandruff, psoriasis and other skin disorders. The herbs in K-Derme Oil have astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Being an oil, it penetrates in the hair roots and thus removes problems from the scalp, thereby eliminating chances of recurrence


Common causes of Dandruff and Hair problems

  • Excessive use of hair care products containing harsh chemicals
  • Eczema and seborrheic dermatitis
  • Stress, anxiety and worries
  • Change in weather conditions
  • Fungal infections

K-Derme Oil helps in

  • White flakes on the scalp and hair
  • Scalp which feels dry, tingly, sore and itchy
  • Red, flaky, greasy patches of skin
  • Dry and brittle hair

K-Derme Oil

  • Effectively controls dandruff
  • Wards off re-occurrence
  • Reduces scalp itching
  • Promotes healthy growth of hair
  • Has astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

For Enhanced Efficacy: Best Suggested Combination

Dosage: Apply hair oil in the scalp making  partings, and gently massage.
keep oil in hair for minimum 1 hr, overnight for best results. wash hair with a gently shampoo and warm water.
ayurvedic oil for soldier against dandruff-k-derme

Along With :

AyuDerme 2 Capsules twice daily
Mode of action
Wrightia tinctoria extract
Astringent, anti-inflammatory
Azadirachta indica oil
Antiseptic, anti-bacterial
Pongamia glabra oil
Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healer and painkiller
Curcuma longa oil
Antiseptic, wound healer, pain killer
Cocos nucifera oil
Moisturizer, prevents hair fall, strengthens the hair roots

Read More:

  1. Most important ingredients of K-Derme Oil are
    Wrightia tinctoria extract:
    — Healsthe scalp
    — Effective in psoriasis
    — Hasastringent and anti-inflammatory properties
    — An anti-bacterial in several skin disorders

    Azadirachta indica oil:
    — Well known antisepticand anti-bacterial used for variousskin disorderssince enturies
    — Blood-purifier
    — Keepshair follicleshealthy and promotesgrowth and strength in hair
    — Excellent conditioner and helpsin the re-growth of damaged hair


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